Excellent question and it’s your first one. Off to a great start.

You should expect comprehensive administration, ensuring all information you have to have is at your fingertips, in your inbox and on your phone.

You should expect that anything else you might need to/like to know is either listed here in Frequently Asked Questions, or is answered in a timely manner by emailing our team.

You should expect absolute punctuality. Your vehicle should be at the pickup point 10 minutes before the booking time.

You should expect a really helpful, pleasant, professional driver who will add to the enjoyment of your journey.

You should expect a clean, comfortable and high spec vehicle.

You should expect to be charged for the service as quoted (once the transparent extras that might apply have been added – please see are there any extras.

You should expect to feel this is a value for money service that you would recommend to friends and family and you would like to use again.

You should expect be able to have a relaxed smile when using our service, from booking through to drop off, as you experience the easy, hassle free and professional way we conduct ourselves.

Yes, use the Book Now option on our website or click here.

There are 5 stages

  • Stage 1
    Enter the details of the journey
  • Stage 2
    Select the car from this page – this shows a picture of the vehicles, the prices and a helpful brief about each vehicle
  • Stage 3
    Enter your contact details
  • Stage 4
    Press ‘save this quote’
  • Stage 5
    You will see that that your contact details have populated the fields. Finish by pressing ‘save quote’. You will then be sent the quote by email

You can of course find this quote through the link in the email and convert this from a quote into a booking if you wish.

Remember a quote is exactly that. It is not a live booking until you convert the quote into a booking where you will receive the formal ‘booking confirmation’.

You can book on line by clicking the gold Book Now button on top right of every page on our website – or click here.

You can only use this facility if you are booking a journey with more than 48 hours notice. Anything within 48 hours please email our Gurus who will then deal with your enquiry.

You can make a booking through our office by emailing our Gurus directly.

Whether you book on line or through our office you will receive a confirmation by email by return. This email details all journey details, contact information and prices. For online bookings, confirmations are dispatched as you complete the booking as these are immediate and you are booking direct on to a live database.

If you book by email, we will deal with your email very quickly but expect a small delay for your confirmation to come through whilst we process your booking manually.

Once you have booked and you have received your booking confirmation, you will receive an ‘allocated booking confirmation’ a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your booking date/time.

This will reconfirm your journey as booked and will detail your driver’s name and the mobile number assigned to your booking. It will also have a link to your ‘drivers details’ which will show a picture of your driver so you know what your driver looks like.

On the day of travel, you will receive an SMS text once the driver has been dispatched and goes en route through his app to pick you up. Again, confirming the driver details and mobile number.

You will receive a further SMS text once the driver has arrived at the pick-up point.

All bookings are secured by credit card unless you have a business account set up with our company.

You will be required to secure your booking by a credit card through a secure link. We partner with Stripe for all our credit card transactions. Your card will be debited once your journey has been completed. At which point you will be emailed an invoice and receipt for your records.

The quote will detail the journey along with the cost of the car and driver. We charge extra for 3rd party charges. The most common of which are;

  1. Airport Drop Off charges
    These are circa £5 + VAT on average but vary slightly depending on the airport you are travelling too – Stansted is the most expensive being £7 + VAT.
  2. Car parking on meet and greet airport pick-ups
    Car park is circa £8 – £15 + VAT depending on time taken and airport you are landing at as we park up to enter the terminal to meet you in the arrivals hall;
  3. London Congestion Charge
    This is £15 + VAT and is chargeable only if you enter the Congestion Charge Zone in London during charging time – you can check this here. 
  4. M6 motorway toll
    This can vary but its circa £8 plus VAT – you can check this here 
  5. Waiting time
    This is only applied in the event you keep the driver waiting. The first 10 minutes is included in the fare at pick up from an address/hotel. The first hour is included in the fare for an airport meet and greet to allow you time to collect your luggage and pass through customs.
  6. Soilage charge
    We clearly make a ‘soilage charge’ in the event a passenger is travel sick and unable to alight the vehicle. Very rare but you did ask ‘are there any extras’ and we do not want to hide anything.

None of the frequent extras are significant but hope this helps ensure we are as transparent as possible.

All flights are tracked through OAG flight database. This is a live flight database and our software has an API (Application Programming Interface) direct into OAG. In layman’s terms this is all automated and works like a charm where our operators and our chauffeurs receive updates on your flights progress.

If your flight is delayed, we may reschedule and reorganise your journey but at NO COST to you. Your driver of course might be changed depending on length of the delay. But you will be kept informed by email and SMS Text.

We MAY charge if you miss your flight and do not let our team know with appropriate notice – see ‘What are your cancellation terms and charges’. Charges may also apply if your flight is coming in on time, driver is in place and then your flight is rerouted at the last minute due to fog for example. This is very rare and we will work with you to ensure any extras are fair and as minimal as possible; appreciating such things can be seen in insurance terms as an ‘Act of God’.

We like to keep things simple.

  • If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice there is no charge
  • If you can cancel with less than 24 hours notice but more than 12 hours notice there is a 50% charge
  • If you can cancel with less than 12 hours notice you will be charged 100% of the journey cost

You can see our fleet selection as you go through the booking/quote process online. Pictures of the vehicles are shown.

Our standard vehicles are

  • Saloon 
    Max 4 passengers / 2 – 3 cases / E Class Mercedes
  • Estate
    Max 4 passengers / 3 – 4 cases / E Class Mercedes / BMW 5 Series Tourer
  • Small MPV
    Max 4 passengers / 6 – 8 cases / VW Sharan / Ford Galaxy
    Excellent for passengers with sports equipment/skis etc.
  • Large MPV
    Max 8 passengers / 6 – 8 cases / VW Shuttle
  • Luxury Saloon
    Max 3 passengers / 2 – 3 cases / S Class Mercedes, 7 Series BMW
  • Luxury MPV
    Max 7 passengers / 5 – 7 cases / V Class Mercedes

Chauffeurs wear business attire. Chauffeurs are generally in suits and ties, but sometimes in warmer weather the jacket might come off. In colder weather a V necked jumper might make an appearance too.

Your driver will meet you in the arrivals hall in the terminal. The meeting point for each terminal at each airport is detailed on your confirmation. For example, your confirmation in ‘Notes’ will state something similar to
“Pickup location note: Please meet your chauffeur outside W H Smith shop in the arrivals hall. Your chauffeur will have a meeting board displaying your name.”

You will receive your drivers details 48 hours before your journey by email. This will also be sent by SMS Text as the booking goes ‘in progress’.

If you cannot find your driver which can sometimes be difficult after long flights and busy terminals at peak times, you will have your drivers name and mobile number and the driver will have yours too. It is therefore best to liaise directly with your driver.

Great question and I am glad you have asked! Go Guru is very aware that in a virtual world trust needs to be earnt. We have been doing this for some 30 plus years.

We are called Go Guru for the simple reason that Gurus are experts and why not ‘Go’ with the experts. Please click here to meet our key players.

Go Guru operates throughout the UK and has grown by being open and transparent in how we conduct our business.

Go Guru is a company with integrity and our moto is ‘Service First, Charge Second’.

Everything we do is with purpose. Which is why in areas where we partner with organisations to allow Go Guru to deliver a seamless service, we have chosen global industry leaders. For example

CD Systems – for managing our operations

Stripe – for Credit Card Processing

OAG – for Flight Tracking.

If you would like greater reassurance why not contact our office and speak with one of our friendly Gurus.

Please just get in touch with our Gurus by emailing book@go-guru.co.uk or calling +44 1323 442 222.

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