About Go-Guru

As industry experts and gurus of the road, we take pride in providing a highly dedicated, professional, and reliable solution to all your travel needs, both private and corporate

Our fleet of executive vehicles is nothing short of exceptional, ensuring every journey meets your highest expectations. When you travel with us, you’ll be in the capable hands of our experienced, discreet, and professional chauffeurs, who consistently deliver a first-class service with every ride.

Becoming Go-Guru

In 2023, CC Chauffeurs embarked on a journey of transformation, rebranding to better reflect the vibrant personality of our business. We have evolved and grown over the years, adapting positively to challenges like a true guru. Through it all, our core values have remained unchanged – putting our clients first and delivering a top-tier service.

In an era dominated by virtual interactions, we stand firm as an example of personalised and face-to-face service. As a premier chauffeur service provider, we understand the value of genuine connections and the importance of making our clients feel truly cared for.

Global expertise

Operating within a network of over 2000 global chauffeur gurus, we are proud to offer our clients a truly international chauffeur service. All of our international partners are comprehensively vetted and come highly recommended, if they don’t measure up to our high guru standards, then we simply don’t work with them.

Managing the vast geographical scope of our services throughout the UK and beyond requires the expertise of the very best chauffeurs in the business. We’ve cherry-picked and approved every partner ensuring that only the most knowledgeable and experienced drivers are entrusted with your travel. With strong and loyal relationships, together, we make your journey easy and stress-free.

Meet your Gurus

Jonathan Dow

Head Guru

Allow us to introduce you to Jonathan Dow, our head Guru. Not only is he a transport expert with 30 years of industry experience, but he’s also a husband, father of three, Lib Dem councillor, and dog walker. With a passion for helping people grow and develop, Jonathan’s transparent and frank approach is refreshing and creates a strong connection with our clients

Prital Moskal

Administrative Guru

As the dynamic booking and payment specialist at Go-Guru, Prital orchestrates the seamless journey from enquiry to confirmed reservation. A true guru of effciency, she expertly manages card payments and ensures a smooth process for clients.

With an unwavering focus on exceptional service, Prital is the go-to guru for any queries, providing swift and knowledgeable solutions. Her commitment to client satisfaction makes her an invaluable asset to the Go-Guru team.

Richard Gilbert

Operations Guru

Meet Richard, the allocations and operations maestro at Go-Guru. As a true guru of logistics, he orchestrates a symphony of effciency, ensuring every vehicle is perfectly allocated to meet our clients’ needs.

His meticulous planning and dedication make him an essential pillar of the Go-Guru team. From coordinating fleet movements to managing schedules, Richard ensures every journey runs smoothly.

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Whether this is your first booking or your 500th booking, rest assured when it comes to seamless bookings and enquiries, we've got you covered like the true gurus we are!

Should we require any additional details, you can trust us to be the experts in seeking them. So, let's get started, and experience the ease and simplicity of the Go-Guru service!